Although I have many years of formal music education, I’ve been fortunate to have had a lifetime of professional experience playing piano and keyboards in numerous styles and genres, from concert halls to roadhouses, hotels and bars. Playing the piano has always been my favorite activity (with skiing a close second).  

     My sister, Andrea Rowe Kraus', lessons at the Corcoran Gallery in D.C. exposed me to painting and art, and furthur exploration through the Smithsonian and National Galleries followed. I often have "killed" time before gigs in galleries and have visited some of the world's great museums.
     The study and love of art has influenced my music in many ways, particularly in relation to the concepts of “texture”, “color”, “composition”, and most importantly, in respect to “foreground” and “background”. These concepts apply not only to composition, but also to piano performance.

     In film music, the dialogue and narration take the role of “foreground” and the soundtrack music must be constructed as “background” to support but to not intrude, without sacrificing drive, intensity and creativity.
     This concept also applies to ambient piano music (restaurants, lobbies, and bars). The “foreground” is each person’s conversation and the “background” is the music which must be creative and assertive,  but not overwhelming. I try to be think that I'm creating the soundtrack to each person’s individual movie.

      My background in studying and playing so many styles of music has contributed to an extensive and eclectic repertoire. It's especially satisfying creating new and original interpretations and reinterpretations. 
Please contact me for gigs; private parties and events. (Solo piano and/or keyboards, jazz combos, etc.)  

Audio Clips
Prelude To A Kiss
Darn That Dream
My Funny Valentine/Isn't It Romantic
Body & Soul

Piano albums: (coming soon)