Washington, D.C. (1950-68)
Grandma gave me my first plastic, breath powered keyboard (1957).
Began formal piano lessons at age of 8: 
Started learning chords, theory and improvisation: Folk, Classical,
We had our first band at age 10:  Folk, Pop , Rock and Roll
Started gigging at 12:                       Surf Music, British Invasion
Lots of cover bands throughout Junior and Senior High School:  Rock, R&B, Jazz
                                                                                        Motown,  Soul, Dance Bands
Played trumpet in concert and marching bands:  Classical,Concert Band,
Marching band music
                                                                                        Worked 1 summer for US Govt;
                                                                                        clerk/typist(Washington, D.C.)

Bethlehem, Pa.  (1968-72) (College #1) 
Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, Lehigh University-1972
Keyboards and trumpet in cover bands:      
Rock Bands, Dance Bands
Trumpet in marching and concert band:  Classical, Marching band 
Worked 3 summers for US Civil Service
                                                                          Department (Washington, D.C.)

Aspen, Colorado (1972-73) (Ski Bum #1) 
Skiing and piano playing 
Piano player during ski season:  
Restaurant Background Music, Jazz
   Pomegranate Inn
                                                        Gas station attendant, painter, 
                                                        carpenter, construction worker.

University of California,
 Santa Barbara  (1973-76) (College #2)
Bachelors of Arts in Music Composition-1976
More cover bands: 
Rock, Pop, Jazz.
Solo Piano Player:  Rock, Pop, Jazz.
                                Restaurant cook, construction worker, carpenter.

Grand Tetons (summer 1976) 
Pianist in restaurant/bar at Coulter Bay,  Grand Teton National Park:  Rock, Pop, Jazz,
                                                                                                         Country, Folk, Standards.               
Breckenridge, Copper Mtn. Vail, Colorado (1976-79) (Ski Bum #2)
3 more years in ski country:  Keyboards in Rock and Country Bands
                                                  Roadhouses and saloons thoughout Rocky Mountain states.
                                                  Solo Piano in bars and restaurants
                                                  Lodge @ Vail,  Mike's Pub (Breckenridge), Andrea's,
                                                  Keystone Lodge, Ski Tip Ranch    
                                                  Construction work, carpentry        

San Francisco, Bay Area (1980-2009) (College #3)
2 years at San Francisco State Masters of Music Composition Program
10 years composing  music for soundtracks, documentaries and commercials.                 
Piano in restaurants, bars, and clubs:
   Jazz Piano, Dance Bands, Rock
                                                                   Jardiniere, 4 Seasons SF, Ritz Carlton,
                                                                   Cypress Club, Zuni Cafe, Moose's, Washbag.

Keyboards and sound design for national and international corporate events,                            
Scandur Productions 
Monaco, Hawaii, St.Thomas, Puerto Rico, 
                                                                    N.Y., Chicago, L.A., San Diego, Seattle 
Software design    Spot
Piano/Keyboards for shows  Sterling Productions.
Cabaret and nightclub performances.
Piano and keyboards for recording sessions. 

Washington, D.C. (2009-present)
Return to DC:  Jazz piano, restaurants, bars, hotels, private events, teaching.
                         Restaurant 701, Prime Rib, Hay-Adams Hotel, B. Smith's Restaurant,
                         Mayflower Hotel, Rivers @ The Watergate, Bombay Club, Kincaid's.